Website Design for Lawyers

Website Design for Lawyers

In today’s day and age, just about every law firm, from divorce to personal injury and criminal defense, should be taking full advantage of the web to gain exposure. Sitting at their desks or playing on their smartphones, the internet is the first place people usually go to search for an attorney.

For years, Icon Website Design has specialized in website design services for lawyers throughout South Florida, as well as the rest of the continental United States. We help attorneys develop websites that are pleasing to the human eye. At no point do the websites for lawyers lack style. At the same time, the attorney websites we develop are up to date on the latest and greatest search engine technology, using sophisticated algorithms to attract search engines.

It would be wonderful to you to see exactly what Icon Website Design can design for you and your firm. There is no question that you want the best lawyers website design services on today’s market, so learn more about our technology, groundbreaking web pages, and effective Organic Ranking optimization.

But there is so much more that a firm can do than simply creating a marvelous website. For instance, we can give you the online tools necessary to edit your attorney site, write a blog, work with registrations, share reports, send invoices and blast news to your email list.

Sure, it sounds extremely difficult to display all the talent you have working at one law firm on one website. Fortunately, we know exactly how to design an attorney site with advanced navigation that you can easily build off. It will feature your law firm’s activities, stressing its legal accomplishments in a specific field. Icon Website Design can also create your social media pages as well.

Whether it is for a small, a mid or even a large-sized law firm, a business website must showcase the practice across a variety of media. A web design that looks fantastic on your desktop may not be functional on a tablet. No worries, with the right homepage and an efficient custom lawyer’s mobile website, your practice will not only show up but function beautifully on a wide variety of formats. Your website should be designed to fit any screen.

Surfers of the web are anything but patient. If your website doesn’t load within seconds, you will be passed right over. That is why all of our pages and mobile websites are optimized for the customer’s ease of use. Whether the Contact Us button is simply a click away or the search button can be easily found on the top corner, your website should be a pleasure to use.

Your firm will enjoy the personal attention of a dedicated team of marketing professionals who are devoted to creating a top-quality site for your business. From picking your target audience and posting a relevant blog to adding the right photos and links, our team will work with you until you get the custom lawyers’ design of your dreams.

From classic to chic, whatever you want for your lawyers’ website design, Icon Website Design has the expertise and experience to take care of your law firm. We build responsive web designs for attorneys that exceed our customers’ highest expectations in website design and online presence. Almost immediately, your site will impress potential and return clients, as well as pique the interest of your opposition. Call Icon Website Design today to learn more, 800-558-1017.