Website Design for General Contractors

Website Design for General Contractors

When it comes to websites for general contractors’ companies, many of them are similar. That means they are all making the same mistakes when it comes to their general contractors’ website design services. Here at Icon Website Design, we know that building a customized general contractors’ website should lead to a high search engine ranking, as well as inbound calls that result in sales. No one said our job is easy.

At Icon Website Design, we create websites for general contractors that consider the user experience, as well as search engines. While we rely on Organic Ranking to attract readers, the pages we build keep them engaged. The pages never possess spam-like material, like keyword stuffing. At the same time, consumers are entertained with our content and graphics.

Icon Website Design knows that a high-quality general contractors’ website design always makes it easy to locate a business’s phone number and contact form. We recommend you have the information as a large part of your header. If people have to scroll around or search for a Contact Us page, they will quickly become impatient. It may be even easier to click the back button and read the next business website’s page listed on Google. The end result is you won’t get contacted and that’s more business going out the window.

If you do add a blog to your custom general contractors’ design, utilize it. The writing should be top-quality and updated on a regular basis, at least once a week. The last thing you want to do is steal content from another general contractor’s website. Doing so will only hurt your search engine ranking, along with readers’ perspective of your professionalism. There may even be legal ramifications for copying and pasting another general contractor’s content. Also, be sure to respond quickly whenever a person leaves a comment on your blog. If the feedback is positive, be sure to thank the person. When negative feedback is left, be sure to address the problem. Try to fix any issues and prevent them popping up again in the future. If done correctly, your website design services for general contractors’ blog will drive organic traffic to your business.

It is crucial to stay up to date with the latest and greatest digital techniques. For instance, a majority of consumers searching the internet now use their smartphones. That means you should have a custom general contractor’s mobile website. Your business should also take advantage of social media plugins. Of course, only put them on your page if you are going to update your social media pages on a regular basis, not unlike your blogs. As long as you take advantage of feeds, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can create an enormous following of return and potential customers. Just refrain from any political posts, as well as personal family photos. Regardless of how cute the clown was, most folks looking for general contractors don’t care to see your niece’s 7th birthday party.

When drafting your Contact Us form, do not ask for too much. Keep it simple with phone numbers and email addresses. Otherwise, folks will quickly exit your page if asked for their addresses, ages, and annual incomes. When the lead comes in, call them right away. Again, it won’t take them long to call the next general contractor listed on their search engines.

Website Design for General Contractors

You can depend on Icon Website Design. We build responsive web designs for general contractors that go beyond consumers’ expectations. Call Icon Website Design today to learn more, 800-558-1017.