Traffic Is Nice, But You Want $ales

Traffic Is Nice, But You Want $ales

It is one thing to attract consumers to your company website. However, getting them to buy your product or service is a whole different ballgame altogether. I mean, you need to generate income and make a profit, right?

Studies show that roughly 90% of visitors to business websites never convert into sales. You need to appeal to a buyer’s wants and needs. What can you offer him or her right away that no other company can? Why will purchasing your product or service be an enormous benefit to the buyer?

The first thing you need to do in order to convert casual surfers of the web into online buyers is to fill up your page with quality content to keep potential buyers on your site. Using the right keywords without overdoing it, well-written content will educate potential buyers on everything your product or service can add to their lives. While contact info and company awards are always intriguing for a corporate site, focus your pages on what it is that’s being sold. What you have to offer is certainly more important to a shopper than your business history.

Attract readers’ attention with a catchy title. This is crucial, as your headings are the first words read on your page. They inform visitors what they will be learning about. If the headlines are not interesting, your bounce rate will fly high.

These days, it is also essential to format your content for various outlets, including computers, mobile devices, and tablets. Utilize social media outlets, like Facebook and Twitter, to educate readers and earn a following. Over time, those trusting followers will rely on your business when they need a product or service you supply.

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