Super Online Marketing in 2017

Super Online Marketing in 2017

Faster than your ordinary Organic Ranking marketing. More powerful than AdWords. Able to defeat a boring website design in a single bound. Look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is Super Icon Website Design!

B2B marketing online has reached new heights in 2016, and it’s only getting better. If you have a business on the internet, you need to utilize the best B2B marketing available with a responsive web design, social media, and other tricks to the trade. If you don’t jump on the boat, your competitors will take advantage of the latest and greatest online marketing, leaving you in the dust.

For starters, does your responsive web design include live video streaming in its B2B marketing? If not, you should jump on the bandwagon. For years, live video has been gaining popularity, resulting in more and more live events being seen on the web. After all, a business can now take advantage of faster internet speeds, as well as smartphones in consumers’ hands.

B2B marketing will also target more and more niche markets in 2017 than ever before. Considering the web has become so crowded with both advertisers and consumers, online business now calls for more specified marketing. Targeted content will become more and more personal. Speak to specific consumers by age, location, and interests.

Content will become shorter. Every day, surfers online must filter through a seemingly endless supply of newsfeeds on social media sites like Facebook. If there is not a strong message and/or memorable photo, consumers’ eyes will pass right over a post without giving it a second glance. That’s why every word, photo and video used in your B2B marketing should count. Do not waste time and space with so-called “filler” information or extra content.

When it comes to online marketing, Icon Website Design offers B2B marketing with a low-cost solution. Our business solution includes high-quality reputation management services on steroids, such as responsive web design, Organic Ranking copywriting and social media. Here’s what makes us different: Our mighty work and our strong work ethic. We blow the competition away.

Remember, if you are not on the first page of Google, your competitors are. That’s why Icon Website Design guarantees at least 30% of your specified keywords to the first page of Google, or we will continue or Organic Ranking services for free. How many other companies can guarantee the same results? Let the super skills provided by the Icon Website Design team take your B2B marketing to a higher level in 2017.










Icon Website Design guarantees at least 30% of your keywords to be on the first page on Google. In the unlikely event that we do not get 30% on the first page of Google, we will continue to work on your keywords for 90 days at no fee.