Our Clients’ Success Stories Show Measurable Results

In November 2007, Florida Home Improvement Associates received 58 leads from the Google Adwords campaign that Icon Website Design created and optimize for them, at a cost of $5,476.17. From those 58 internet leads, 26 of them turned into sales. The average sale price was over $15,000, translating into almost $400,000 in sales! That is 7300% return on investment!!

Campaign NameCurrent BudgetClicksImpr.CTRAvg.CPCAvg. CPMCostConversion RateCost/Conv.Conversions
FHA Search $245.00 / day3,052107,3442.84%$1.58$44.97$4,826.761.80%$87.7655
FHA Site Targeting $5.00 / day295277,8790.10%$2.20$2.34$649.411.02%$216.473
Total:– $250.00 / day3.347385,2230.86%$1.64$14.22$5,476.171.73%$94.4258