Skylight Concepts Inc



Skylight Concepts is a long-time client and its website has stood the test of times. It continues to look fresh and dynamic.

When selling to the general public and offering a choice of products, it’s important that the website accommodates website visitors and presents items well. Viewers should be able to easily see selections that are available and then provide good in-depth viewing for any specific product.  Icon’s web designers ensure this is the case by choosing the right software for each particular client’s website. We use software that allows for easy addition, modification, and deletion of products, product prices, and product descriptions and images.

There is not a single solution that fits all situations: the number of products; the frequency of product updates; the need for integrating products with other databases; and, even the technical skills of the company’s staff members enter in to the selection of the appropriate software to be used for each client. What also must be considered is the client’s objective. Are they selling products or services? All of this enters into the evaluation and recommendation for every individual client.

Icon web designers work with almost any software environment, including Microsoft ASPX, Linux PHP, and other programming languages as well as software platforms like Ruby on Rails, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, and Magento.  Generally, Icon web designers recommend WordPress so our clients will be able to access and use it themselves. It is user friendly and offers flexibility in its design, along with unmatched plug-ins that allow for the easy addition of almost any functional activity.

However, if a customer has thousands of products and wants to sell them through their website, Icon will generally recommend Magento because it is the best product-handling system.  But, the final determination of which software foundation to use is up to you – the client.  Icon and its web designers have worked with almost every software foundation package in use and we will be more than willing to work with you on choosing the right one.  Try us and you will see we will deliver to you the website you envision!



Skylight Concepts Inc