Pecan Nut Busters

Organic Ranking

Pecan Nut Busters is in a niche market that it has developed and now holds a strong, national profile.  As part of their marketing strategy, Pecan Nut Busters selected our web designers to develop a WordPress website that highlights the variety of machines they manufacture and sell. The web design makes it easy for website visitors to navigate to the exact machine that matches their needs. The product page provides information about each of the machines giving the website visitor specifics on each machine’s characteristics and capabilities, making it easy to compare and buy.

Pecan Nut Busters also requested our Organic Ranking experts create a national campaign to reach interested searchers find their website. As a result, its website is listed on the first page of the Google search results for 22 distinct keywords and continues to deliver the desired traffic.

Companies like Pecan Nut Busters, can take full advantage of organic search engine optimization to develop a high profile on the search engines and inexpensively acquire traffic, and customers from these efforts.  In addition, the Organic Ranking work created new interest and new recognition for the company.  Directory entries, backlinks, social bookmarking, and blog postings on Facebook, Twitter and other postings all create interest in the company’s products and also establish links to the company’s website.



Pecan Nut Busters