Lightning Bolt & Supply Inc


The objective of this project was to make the client’s site responsive so that it was attractive and easy to use from mobile devices. This is an inexpensive process that Icon can do for almost any website.  After the home page was redesigned by Icon’s web designers in Fort Lauderdale, the client liked it so much they contracted to have Icon redesign the entire site as well as make it responsive. The client ended up with an entirely redesigned and refreshed site with stronger conversion tools and easier navigation on the site.

The design of a website is important when a client wants Organic Ranking.  In this case, the client was seeking national optimization.  With the number of competing websites encountered on a national campaign, it is important that the website support optimization fully by:

  1. being properly tagged so that the search engines can see and index the content, i.e., title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, and image tags all enhance the ability of a website to obtain high rankings; and
  2. having strong “call to action” prompts and a reasonable level of content on the website help convert visitors into prospects and customers.

Having a strong “call to action” prompts can increase the conversion rate by up to 400%, even without taking the additional search engine optimization steps.  Think about it: squeeze up to four times as much business out of the same level of traffic.  Amazing.  And, when you properly add the other Organic Ranking steps and activities, the overall level of traffic can be significantly increased.  Thus, a company’s level of business can be dramatically improved at a very reasonable cost.  We know because we’ve done it and will be happy to share actual examples with you.