Life Targets


The owner of Life Targets offers a very personalized service – life counseling. Working with her on the concept for an ideal web design, our web designers were able to create a website that is personal and inviting to potential clients.

The web design created categories and highlighted services with the objective to make navigating through the website easy.  The website is being expanded to cover online seminars and one-on-one individual counseling sessions.  The foundation utilized to create the website, WordPress, makes it easy to accommodate the additional features needed for the online counseling, as well as being easy to add e-commerce processing for payments and seminar discounts.

Every website our Fort Lauderdale web designers create is intended to convert viewers into prospects and customers.  Strong “call to action” prompts are incorporated as well as a clean and visually interesting design and layout. Drawing website visitors to the products and services with easy navigation to more in-depth content on the interior pages is what will turn these potential customers into committed buyers.  Design elements like these ensure the most effective and efficient conversion of visitors into clients/customers.  Talk to our website design professionals about how we can help your business gain improvements in conversions for your website.

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