Expand Your Business’s Reach

Expand Your Business’s Reach

Your buddy from high school now owns his own pub, while your former co-worker opened up her own store at the mall to sell the dresses she creates. There is something different, as well as special about locally owned businesses. Rather than Starbucks on the corner or a familiar fast food joint, the businesses are more down to earth when they are owned and ran by locals.

With millions of locally owned business spread across the nation, many of them have become staples of their communities. Whether it is sponsoring the kids’ soccer team, serving breakfast every Saturday morning, or giving out ice cream cones after the movies, consumers feel at home in their favorite local businesses. But how much money would these local businesses be making if only they expanded.

Now that we are living in the digital age, every man, woman, and child you know seems to have the internet, social media, and email at their fingertips. Roughly 80% of all searches are local, rather than national. That means Charlie’s Hardware Shop on the corner can instantly connect with a global audience. The store just needs the right online marketing strategy first.

All business owners know that the world wide web is an incredible tool. No longer are retailers and consumers bound by business hours and locations. Those selling merchandise and services no longer have to spend big bucks on advertising campaigns, when they can rely on the best digital marketing techniques available. They range from a well-developed responsive website with powerful keywords and creative content. Businesses can then send out emails and post videos on YouTube to demonstrate your product or service. Show a party taking place in your restaurant or a group of women wearing the designer shoes that you created in your garage.

Social media, such as Instagram, allows a work at home mom to sell the cookies she bakes all day. Travel agents boost their specials when they post them on Facebook, allowing them to appear in front of targeted viewers. Deals can be shared on LinkedIn. And if you want to let your followers know about a big sale as soon as it begins, you can use Twitter to spread your message. Photos of the products can be seen on Pinterest, coupons can be printed from Groupon, and your customers can leave you all types of feedback on sites like Yelp. The list keeps going and going.

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