Church Website Design

Church Website Design

It is not uncommon these days for churches to be looking for a modern website to attract new members, as well as keep current participants well-informed. Fortunately, Icon Website Design specializes in church website design services for congregations of all types and sizes. Thanks to our modern content management system, we can now provide you with everything your church will need to be efficient online, from attracting new readers with vivid imagery to operating efficiently on mobile devices.

To begin, every page that Icon Website Design creates for our customers and posts online is made with design flexibility. That means that our customers can choose the specific page layouts, photos, images, and content that they want. At the same time, our team of professionals will work with every client to come up with the most advanced custom church design that meets the organization’s preferences, whether they are classic, contemporary, or anything in-between.

Nowadays, custom church mobile websites are far more popular than sites viewed on desktop and laptops. That is why it is now vital to possess a responsive web design. Otherwise, users will have trouble seeing websites for churches’ web pages and your house of worship will suffer from a lack of visibility.

The time it takes for pages to load is also extremely important. If it is taking a while for the internet to load, impatient viewers will simply back-click and look at a competing church’s site. Fortunately, the specialists at Icon Website Design’s website design services for churches scrutinize each part of your web page, looking for hiccups and fixing any issues. The quicker a page loads on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, the happier the individual looking at it will be. Icon Website Design avoids redirecting people to other sites, as the time-consuming process turns away readers. Unless of course, your page is redirecting viewers to one of your church’s social media pages.

It is also wise to incorporate links to your church’s social media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, on every page. While placing the icons at the top of the page used to be the norm, we have seen the advantages of putting them on the bottom of the page. That way, visitors must scroll all the way down before leaving your church’s homepage. Who knows, maybe a caption or engaging photos will get him or her to stop and read your homepage.

Do not forget that your website is created to attract real men, women, and children, rather than merely search engines. That is why it is important to spark their interests with vivid images. In fact, you should post a gallery of your church. You can display different rooms, as well as the church’s staff, members, classes, and teams. Doing so will allow individuals to see you and know they can feel comfortable spending time in your house of worship. Icon Website Design can even help you create an image slideshow to impress every visitor with your advanced church website design.

We build responsive web designs for churches that go above and beyond churchgoers’ most divine expectations. In no time, your place of worship’s website will attract search engines like Google, as well as the interest of both repeat and potential churchgoers. Call Icon Website Design today to learn more, 800-558-1017.